Cave Paintings

Today we had a go at making our own Stone Age cave paintings like the ones found in Lascaux Caves in France. We closed the blinds, turned the lights off and tried to imagine we were really painting inside a deep, dark cave.


Finished Greek Pots

Here are our finished Greek Vases.


We finished our pots by sketching our designs onto our vases and painting over it with black paint. We had lots of fun creating our pots and we can’t wait to show them to our grown ups.

Greek Pots Update

Today we continued to create our pots in the style of a Greek vase.

First, we had to paint our pots orange like the Ancient Greeks did.

Then, we had to sketch our designs, some of us chose to tell the story the myths we created and some of us decided to tell the story of a Greek myth on our vases.

We now need to leave the paint to dry and tomorrow we will be able to paint our designs onto our pots.