Road Safety Week 1

This week, Sapphire Class had our first road safety lesson. On Thursday, we learnt how to find a safe place to cross the road, check that it is safe to cross and finally cross the road safely in a straight line.

It’s really important to practice the skills we have learnt whenever we are crossing roads. We cannot wait for our next road safety session, where we will be learning how to cross the road even if there isn’t a safe place to cross.



Athenian Democracy

This afternoon, Sapphire Class we were learning about Athenian Democracy. Athenian Democracy originated in the Greek city-state of Athens and is the first known democracy of the world.

First, we decided on our Boule. The Boule was a council of 500 people appointed to run daily affairs of the city. For our Boule we appointed three members.


Then, we had to vote on three laws put forward by members of the Boule. However, not everyone was allowed to vote. Women, slaves and citizens from foreign countries were not allowed to vote in an Athenian Democracy. In Ancient Greece citizens would use coloured pebbles to vote, in Sapphire Class we used coloured paper.

The laws we voted on were:

All people must complete five hours physical exercise a day. (18 for, 11 against)

Citizens must pray at the Parthenon four times a day. (10 for, 19 against)

To celebrate the victory in the war against Athens all citizens must attend a three day party with free food and drink. (28 for, 1 against)


Another aspect of Athenian Democracy was that Athenians could vote to ostracise their leader if they wished. Unfortunately, Sapphire class voted to ostracise Mr Little and appoint a new leader as we decided Mr Little was a Tyrant!!

We really enjoyed learning about Athenian Democracy.

BBC Supermovers

On Thursday, Sapphire Class took part in the first ever BBC Supermovers live lesson. We were joined by lots of other schools from around the country and took part maths activities that got us moving. We had different dances to join in with and then used the live games to work out fractions, percentages and decimals.


We even received a shout out on live TV!


Supermovers was lots of fun and was a great way to get moving! We can’t wait for the next live lesson!

Marvellous Multipication

This week in Sapphire class we have been looking at multiplication. Today we began using dienes to partition numbers into tens and ones in order to multiply more efficiently.


Some of us found this new method a little tricky at first but we all persevered and worked really hard.

Working with Playleaders

Last week Y3 had the chance to work with the Y5 play Leaders on some new games. We played tig, fill the nest and had some really fun races. The Leaders led the session really well and we had loads of fun.



We can’t wait for our play leaders to be leading games on our playground at break and dinner time soon.