Building a Stone Age Settlement

This half term our topic is the Stone Age. Recently we have been learning about Stone Age houses and villages. We made our very own paleolithic houses and used these to make a Stone Age settlement. We decided that near a river would be a suitable place to build a village as it would provide food and water. Mr Little then gave us different scenarios such as the discovery of fire and the invention of farming and we had to change our village to fit this. We even talked about how houses changed as time progressed as people didn’t have to move around to find food.


We really enjoyed this hands on learning and have learnt lots about how settlements changed throughout the Stone Age.


On Wednesday, we were involved in an event called Go Run For Fun and it was held at Manor Fields where 857 young runners from local schools completed a tough 1 mile course. We were all given a fabulous pink t-shirt and tried our best to complete the course as fast as we could.

We were inspired at the start line by he European Athletics 100m Hurdles Champion Alicia Barrett who will be competing at the London Anniversary Games this weekend!


We were determined, resistant and motivated during our run, but most importantly we had FUN!

Road Safety Week 3

This morning we had our third and final road safety session. Today we were learning how to cross at a junction and busy roads.


It’s really important to practice the skills we have learnt whenever we are crossing roads. Through our road safety sessions we have learnt how to choose a safer place to cross, how to cross the road if there isn’t a safe place to cross and how to cross at a junction and busy roads. We have really enjoyed our road safety sessions and our certificates will be arriving soon.

Road Safety Week 2

This morning Sapphire Class had our second road safety lesson. This week we were learning how to cross safely between two parked cars.

It’s really important that we continue to practice the skills we have learnt whenever we are crossing roads. We cannot wait for our next road safety session next week, where we will be learning more ways to cross the road safely.