Fiver Challenge

This half term, Sapphire class have been taking part in the Fiver Challenge.

In our class we had 6 groups who were given £5 each with the aim of making a profit. Our groups decided to pool their money together and wanted to put on a funfair event for the children and parents at our school.

Each group decided on a funfair style game to run and were responsible for making their game a success. The children had to create a business identity, carry out market research, create a sales pitch and advertise their event.

On Thursday, we held our event and we are pleased to announce that it was a huge success.


On Friday, we counted our money and paid our £5 loans plus 50p interest back. We then discovered that we had made a whopping…

£101 profit!

Mr Little was so proud of all our hard work.

We’re now deciding how to spend our hard earned profit. If you have any ideas we would love to hear from you in the comments below.




Roman Code

This morning Mr Little gave us a strange code written in Roman numerals. We had to use our knowledge of Roman numerals to convert the numbers into modern digits and then use those numbers to crack the code.


Snowball Maths

On Wednesday, we didn’t let the snow and freezing temperatures stop our learning.

This half term we have been looking at measurement in our maths learning. On Wednesday, we braved the snow and cold to complete some snowball maths. We worked in pairs to throw snowballs and then measured the distance they travelled using a range of different measuring instruments. We then added the distance of each throw together to find the overall length of our throws.


BBC Supermovers

On Thursday, Sapphire Class took part in the first ever BBC Supermovers live lesson. We were joined by lots of other schools from around the country and took part maths activities that got us moving. We had different dances to join in with and then used the live games to work out fractions, percentages and decimals.


We even received a shout out on live TV!


Supermovers was lots of fun and was a great way to get moving! We can’t wait for the next live lesson!

Marvellous Multipication

This week in Sapphire class we have been looking at multiplication. Today we began using dienes to partition numbers into tens and ones in order to multiply more efficiently.


Some of us found this new method a little tricky at first but we all persevered and worked really hard.

Place Value

Recently Sapphire class have been working hard on developing our place value knowledge. We have used a range of manipulatives to create different three digit numbers and have deepened our understanding of the value of each digit in a number.

This knowledge is SO important and gives us a good foundation to develop our numeracy skills in the year ahead.