Roman Code

This morning Mr Little gave us a strange code written in Roman numerals. We had to use our knowledge of Roman numerals to convert the numbers into modern digits and then use those numbers to crack the code.



Athenian Democracy

This afternoon, Sapphire Class we were learning about Athenian Democracy. Athenian Democracy originated in the Greek city-state of Athens and is the first known democracy of the world.

First, we decided on our Boule. The Boule was a council of 500 people appointed to run daily affairs of the city. For our Boule we appointed three members.


Then, we had to vote on three laws put forward by members of the Boule. However, not everyone was allowed to vote. Women, slaves and citizens from foreign countries were not allowed to vote in an Athenian Democracy. In Ancient Greece citizens would use coloured pebbles to vote, in Sapphire Class we used coloured paper.

The laws we voted on were:

All people must complete five hours physical exercise a day. (18 for, 11 against)

Citizens must pray at the Parthenon four times a day. (10 for, 19 against)

To celebrate the victory in the war against Athens all citizens must attend a three day party with free food and drink. (28 for, 1 against)


Another aspect of Athenian Democracy was that Athenians could vote to ostracise their leader if they wished. Unfortunately, Sapphire class voted to ostracise Mr Little and appoint a new leader as we decided Mr Little was a Tyrant!!

We really enjoyed learning about Athenian Democracy.

Stone Age Visit to Manor Lodge

This week we visited Sheffield Manor Lodge and we had an amazing time. In our class this term we have been learning all about the Stone Age and this visit helped us to learn even more!

Our first activity was to build a Stone Age shelter big enough to us fit in! We learnt that people in he Stone Age had to make houses that were easy to put up and take down because they were always moving to escape the harsh weather conditions. Then we explored how Neanderthals made fire. We used an replica of a Stone Age tool which created friction to make embers.


After that, we completed some activities about Stone Age hunters. We made our own spears, followed animal tracks and fired a bow and arrow.


Finally, we learnt about Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire. Although lots of historians have speculated about its purpose nobody actually knows what it was used for. First we built our own model of Stonehenge. The stones used to build Stonehenge were heavy (25 tons!!) so we used logs to roll the stones into position. Then we had our own tribal initiation ceremony, we had to choose a prehistoric name, mark our faces and pass through the monument.


We really enjoyed our trip to Manor Lodge and have learnt lots and lots about the Stone Age!

🌲 Forest Schools 🌲

Recently in Sapphire class we have been enjoying Forest Schools sessions with Sarah and Matt from Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust.

Our first job of the day was to warm ourselves up. We warmed up by playing Winter Dragons. To be the dragon, we had to show Sarah our scary dragon faces and do the loudest dragon roar possible. This game helps us to warm up our bodies on a cold autumn morning.

Our first activity of the day was a scavenger hunt. Sarah gave us instructions such as “find something soft” and our job was to hunt around to find something that matched that description. The only rule was that everything must be natural, not man made.


Next, we had a go at making fire ourselves. We used a flint and steel and had to strike the flint with the steel to make a spark, then we had to try and land the spark on some cotton wool to make fire! This was our favourite part of the morning.


After making fire, we worked together in teams to build a shelter. We used the materials that we could find in the secret garden and some big plastic sheets from Sarah and Matt.


Our afternoon task was to build an obstacle course that we could use in our session today. We used some of the skills that we had learnt previously such as our den building skills and using the tarpaulins to create tunnels for us to scramble through.



Our final job was to toast marshmallows by the fire. We had to used a willow stick to pierce the marshmallow on the end and then come up to the fire in small groups. It was tricky to make sure that marshmallow didn’t get too close to the fire otherwise it would have caught alight.


We would like to say a massive thank you to Sarah and Matt from Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust for coming to work with us. We have loved working with you and have learnt so much.


Stone Age Houses

Sapphire class received another email from our friend Stone Age Boy this week. Stone Age Boy explained that his friend OM’s village had been destroyed by a storm and all the houses had been destroyed.

We told Stone Age Boy that we would write him some instructions of how to make a Stone Age House so that he could help to rebuild OM’s village. But before we could write some instructions we needed to have a go at making a Stone Age house for ourselves.


And here are some of our finished houses…

Stone Age Boy

Last week Sapphire Class received an interesting email. The email was from someone called SAB who claimed to be an expert in the Stone Age and explained how they would love to help us with our Stone Age learning!

We were all very confused by this email until we started to read a book called Stone Age Boy in our Literacy lesson…


The email was from the boy in our book!

We were all very excited and decided to work together to think of some amazing questions to ask Stone Age Boy.

We put these questions to the test by hot seating members of the class who were acting as Stone Age Boy and included our favourite questions in an email back to Stone Age Boy.



This week Sapphire Class have been looking at Gladiators as part of our Romans topic. We have learnt lots of facts about gladiators and even dressed up as the different types of gladiators.

Did you know that he name gladiator comes from the name of their weapon the gladius or short sword.


In Literacy we have been looking at the book Gladiator by Alan Gibbons. We have read the book and next week we are going to write our own gladiator time-travel story. Keep an eye on our blog to read some of our finished stories!

Greek Pots Update

Today we continued to create our pots in the style of a Greek vase.

First, we had to paint our pots orange like the Ancient Greeks did.

Then, we had to sketch our designs, some of us chose to tell the story the myths we created and some of us decided to tell the story of a Greek myth on our vases.

We now need to leave the paint to dry and tomorrow we will be able to paint our designs onto our pots.