Marvellous Multipication

This week in Sapphire class we have been looking at multiplication. Today we began using dienes to partition numbers into tens and ones in order to multiply more efficiently.


Some of us found this new method a little tricky at first but we all persevered and worked really hard.


Working with Playleaders

Last week Y3 had the chance to work with the Y5 play Leaders on some new games. We played tig, fill the nest and had some really fun races. The Leaders led the session really well and we had loads of fun.



We can’t wait for our play leaders to be leading games on our playground at break and dinner time soon.

Daily Exercise

As a result of concerns around physical inactivity and childhood obesity across the UK, our school are currently implementing two daily fitness initiatives designed to help our children lead fit and healthy lifestyles.

Daily Running – Children are encouraged to run/jog for 15 minutes each day and children are encouraged to exercise at their own pace. This has been trialled with classes in Y3 and Y5 and the response from children has been positive.

Take 10 – For 10 minutes each day children and staff complete an aerobic activity set to music.

Both these initiatives are inclusive meaning all children are able to engage and take full advantage of these activities. To support your child in these physical activities can you please ensure they bring appropriate footwear, bottled water and if they are asthmatic – inhalers, with them to school each day.

Studies show that daily physical exercise has many benefits on academic attainment in school. Research has shown physical activity provides brain benefits for children by turning on the attention system including sequencing, working memory, and attention span making children primed and ready to learn.

If you have any questions or concerns please speak to Mr Little.

Pride of Prince Edward

Congratulations to the latest Pride of Prince Edward from Sapphire Class!

Prince Edward Headteacher's Blog

POPE 20.10.17.png

The Pride of Prince Edward this week is a pleasure to have in class. He is kind, polite and hard working. He always looks after others in our class and makes it his mission to be a friend to everyone. These qualities and more make our friend in Y3 Sapphire Class an obvious choice to be a Pride of Prince Edward!

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Today we visited Norfolk Park to take part in some orienteering.

We had to read a map and find our way around the park and find some special posts. On these posts was a number and a letter. Once we had found all the letters we had to unscramble them to make a word. Our word was ‘bluebell’.

Stone Age Visit to Manor Lodge

This week we visited Sheffield Manor Lodge and we had an amazing time. In our class this term we have been learning all about the Stone Age and this visit helped us to learn even more!

Our first activity was to build a Stone Age shelter big enough to us fit in! We learnt that people in he Stone Age had to make houses that were easy to put up and take down because they were always moving to escape the harsh weather conditions. Then we explored how Neanderthals made fire. We used an replica of a Stone Age tool which created friction to make embers.


After that, we completed some activities about Stone Age hunters. We made our own spears, followed animal tracks and fired a bow and arrow.


Finally, we learnt about Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire. Although lots of historians have speculated about its purpose nobody actually knows what it was used for. First we built our own model of Stonehenge. The stones used to build Stonehenge were heavy (25 tons!!) so we used logs to roll the stones into position. Then we had our own tribal initiation ceremony, we had to choose a prehistoric name, mark our faces and pass through the monument.


We really enjoyed our trip to Manor Lodge and have learnt lots and lots about the Stone Age!