The Iron Man

This half term Sapphire Class are reading the Iron Man in our Literacy lessons. We started by looking at the first two pages at the book and highlighting features and language that we thought were effective at building atmosphere. We noticed that the author uses short sentences and pauses as well as lots of poetic devices such as similes, personification and onomatopoeia.


Check back in the coming weeks to see how we are getting on with our Iron Man learning.


Volcanos and Earthquakes

To kick off our Natural Disasters topic we had a visit from One Day Creative. They provided us with an inspiring drama workshop where we learnt lots of interesting facts about volcanos and earthquakes including how they are formed and the destruction they cause.



Last month, Y3 took part in a fantastic sports day at the EIS Sheffield. We competed in lots of events and Mr Little was so proud of the determination and perseverance we showed. Some of us even received a special mention from our group leaders. These children perfectly demonstrated the school games values of teamwork, respect, honesty, self belief, passion and determination.


Comic Relief

Today in school we have been wearing red for Comic Relief. However, rather than money, we have asked families to donate food items. These food items will be donated to our local food bank and support vulnerable families in our local area.


Online Safety

Last week, as part of Safer Internet Day 2019 Mr Little and Mrs Weet conducted an experiment with all classes in Year 3  to see just how safe we really were while using the internet.

For the experiment we were told that we would be playing an online game on the iPad. The game we played was Yahtzee. We had to roll five dice to try and get the highest score possible. After a while we noticed that this game had a chat feature and that we had received a message from someone called TackyEagle9155. We chatted to this boy and he seemed really nice, he told us his name was Jake, he was seven years old, and that he goes to little oaks primary school. He asked for our personal information and we told him our full name, age, address, school name, teacher, Playstation username and even a description of what we look like. Unfortunately, we weren’t really playing against Jake, we were really playing against Mr Little. We didn’t realize that people aren’t always who they say they are on the internet and that giving away our personal information could have put us in lots of danger.

Here are some of our reflections:

How did you feel when you found out you were playing against Mr Little?

  • I felt nervous when I found out it wasn’t Jake because we had shared lots of personal information with him. Luckily, we weren’t in real danger because it was Mr Little not a Stranger.
    • Logan
  • I felt uncomfortable because I didn’t realise how dangerous giving away my information can be.
    • Dannilou
  • I felt a little sick when I found out I wasn’t talking to Jake. I gave away lots of my personal information that could have put me in danger. In future, I will make sure I only play online with people I know.
    • Yuel
  • I felt scared when I found out it was really Mr Little because if it was a stranger they could have used my personal information to find me. I am going to make sure I don’t share any personal information online.
    • Summer

We also created our own rules for staying safe online.

Year 3 rules for using the internet.

  1. ONLY speak online to people you know in real life.
  2. NEVER give any personal information, like where you live or the name of your school, when talking to people on the internet.
  3. NEVER use your full name on the internet. Always use a nickname.
  4. NEVER arrange to meet up with someone you have never met before.
  5. ALWAYS tell a trusted adult if you think that something is wrong and block anybody who asks for your personal information.
  6. REMEMBER to have fun but stay safe when using the internet.

The Wind in the Willows

Yesterday, children from Y3 performed a very special retelling of ‘The Wind in the Willows’ at the stunning Sheffield Cathedral. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take any pictures to share with you. All the children performed amazingly and demonstrated their wonderful singing talent.



Christmas Dates

Just to remind you of the events happening over the next two weeks.

Tuesday 11th – Wind in the Willows performance @ Sheffield Cathedral (Ticket Only)

Wednesday 12th – School Christmas Lunch

Monday 17th – Christmas Party

Tuesday 18th – Y3 & Y4 Christmas singing  (9:15am)

Wednesday 19th – Punctuality Movie Morning

Thursday 20th – 100% Attendance Christmas Disco

Friday 21st – Christmas Jumper Day


For the letter with whole school dates please click here: Christmas dates newsletter 2018.