September Children’s University Challenge

We will be sending this months Children’s University challenge home. If you bring your completed challenge back, you will earn points. To find out more about the Children’s University click here:

We look forward to seeing your finished challenges.

Ancient Greece Learning

In topic and literacy we are reading The Adventures of Odysseus.

In today’s chapter we learnt that Odysseus no longer wanted to fight in battles and wished to stay with his family. A lieutenant tricked him into showing he was faking this illness. Odysseus had to fight!

Year 3 completed a drama activity recreating this scene. Take a look at some of the rehearsals and performances.

What is going to be the next adventure for Odysseus?

Artist in Residence: Session 3

Today we had our final Artist in Residence session until next year. The children created some excellent final pieces of art.

Our focus for this half term is Ancient Greece. In art, the Year 3 classes have created their own creature made out of lots of different animals.

First, we completed a team challenge. This involved creating as many animals as possible using all of the body parts – we had some pretty crazy creatures!

Once we stuck them together we created some observational drawings. Finally, we used a special ink pen to complete the outline of our creatures which made them really come to life!

Artist in Residence

Today we had our second session of art. The children finished their designs and added more detail which made their drawings come to life. We had some scary, wonderful and terrifying creatures and began thinking about where they might live.

Take a look at each child’s masterpiece.

Artist in Residence

We have had our first art lesson with a fantastic artist! Sapphire Class really impressed with their creative and listening skills. Our focus for today was teamwork and creating our own mythical creature.

Keep your eyes peeled for more of our fantastic work!