Stone Age Visit to Manor Lodge

This week we visited Sheffield Manor Lodge and we had an amazing time. In our class this term we have been learning all about the Stone Age and this visit helped us to learn even more!

Our first activity was to build a Stone Age shelter big enough to us fit in! We learnt that people in he Stone Age had to make houses that were easy to put up and take down because they were always moving to escape the harsh weather conditions. Then we explored how Neanderthals made fire. We used an replica of a Stone Age tool which created friction to make embers.


After that, we completed some activities about Stone Age hunters. We made our own spears, followed animal tracks and fired a bow and arrow.


Finally, we learnt about Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire. Although lots of historians have speculated about its purpose nobody actually knows what it was used for. First we built our own model of Stonehenge. The stones used to build Stonehenge were heavy (25 tons!!) so we used logs to roll the stones into position. Then we had our own tribal initiation ceremony, we had to choose a prehistoric name, mark our faces and pass through the monument.


We really enjoyed our trip to Manor Lodge and have learnt lots and lots about the Stone Age!


2 thoughts on “Stone Age Visit to Manor Lodge

  1. It was a beautiful day with Emmy and the children at Manor Lodge Park. This has made the little scientists explore and get to grips with the tools and natural environment. Thanks a lot for the lovely time !

    Parents of Emmy

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