Special Mentions

Tremendous Teamwork – Gold – Jacob Butler & Abdullah Fetyan

Abdullah and Jacob are a pleasure to have in class. They are hardworking and work tremendously as a team. Jacob and Abdullah regularly support each other’s learning by checking each other’s work and suggesting improvements. Well done boys – Miss Caudwell is lucky to be gaining such a tremendous team in her class next year.

Excellent Effort – Bronze – Lily-May Wagland

Lily-May has a phenomenal attitude to her learning. Lily-May can sometimes find her work a little challenging, but she always perseveres and puts 100% effort into all her learning and completes her work to the highest standard she possibly can. Well done Lily-May!

Excellent Effort – Silver – Karolina Jankowska

Karolina has been working incredibly hard in her literacy lessons this week, and has written an amazing biography about Mary Anning. Karolina made fantastic notes about the life of Mary Anning and used these notes to write a very informative biography. Well done Karolina, make sure you keep up your Excellent Effort!


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