This week Sapphire Class have been looking at Gladiators as part of our Romans topic. We have learnt lots of facts about gladiators and even dressed up as the different types of gladiators.

Did you know that he name gladiator comes from the name of their weapon the gladius or short sword.


In Literacy we have been looking at the book Gladiator by Alan Gibbons. We have read the book and next week we are going to write our own gladiator time-travel story. Keep an eye on our blog to read some of our finished stories!


100% Attendance

Congratulations to all these children who gained 100% attendance for last half term!

Hannah Adenuga
Maria Amoabeng
Jenifer Borbone
Shaiarna Brown
Omar Mabger
Igor Nowak
Robyn Rose
Mikolaj Tyksinski
Lily-May Wagland
Declan Walker
Honey Walker O’Malley

In Sapphire Class we understand how important it is to be in school everyday and try our hardest to arrive in school on time.

Celery Experiment

In Sapphire Class we have just completed an experiment using celery and coloured water. We put our celery into orange water and waited to see what happened. We made our experiment a fair test by making sure each jug contained the same amount of water and the same amount of food colouring.

We predicted that our celery would turn orange… and we were right!

We realised that this is because the celery had absorbed the orange water through its roots and the water had traveled up its stem.

We proved this by measuring the water level at the beginning and the end, the water level has decreased. Therefore we knew that the water had traveled into the plant and up the stem.


In one of our jugs the orange water turned clear and we don’t know why! If you know why this happened we would love it if you could comment on this post and let us know.

‘Have I Got News For You?’

Today some lucky children in Y3 had the opportunity to take part in a ‘Have I Got News for You?’ event at Sheffield Town Hall. The event was run by ESCAL and involved a day full of news and literacy based activities.

In the morning we completed some activities which involved; interviewing children from other schools; completing a news based quiz; deciding if A.T.Wolf is guilty of murdering the three little pigs.

In the afternoon we had a workshop with author and poet, Conrad Burdekin. Conrad performed some of his hilarious poems for us. Then he taught us how to write our own poems! We then had to perform our poems in front of an audience.

Here are the poems we created:


As red as my mum when she’s angry,

Smell like old granny trumps,

Red evil devils,

I’d rather have the mumps,

They feel like alien bogies,

They slap me in the face,

The seeds are little ninjas,

They go all over the place.


We Love Jelly

Gooey, chewy,

Nice and sweet,

I would have it for a treat,

Raspberry red,

Strawberry pink,

It will stain your tongue like ink,

Wobbling, bobbling,

On a plate,

I will eat it with my mate,


On Friday, Sapphire Class visited the Sheffield City Hall with the rest of KS2 to watch the Hallé Orchestra perform. The theme this year was ‘Made in the British Isles’, and The Hallé played songs from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

The Hallé weren’t the only performers though! We all sang a song that we had been learning — ‘Faster Than Fairies’, which is based on a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

We really enjoyed seeing a real orchestra perform, our favourite piece of music was Palladio by Karl Jenkins.