Special Mentions

Congratulations to these members of Sapphire Class who received mentions in this weeks assembly.

Excellent Effort – Bronze – Leon Simpkins

This week in our maths lessons we have been beginning to look at fractions. Leon found this a little tricky at first, but he didn’t give up and worked really hard to overcome this problem and develop his understanding of fractions. Well done Leon, keep it up and soon you will be fantastic with fractions.

Excellent Effort – Bronze – Amarni Pyke

Amarni has been working incredibly hard in her literacy lessons this week, and has written a wonderful poem all about light. Amarni worked really hard to include similes, rhyme and even a metaphor in her poem! Well done Amarni, make sure you keep up this Excellent Effort!

Leading in Learning – Silver – Grace Granger-Searle

Grace is the kind of child that every teacher loves to have in their class. Grace is kind, polite and hard working. She always puts 100% into all her learning and always completes work to the highest standard she can. Grace regularly competes extra work at home that’s inspired by her learning at school. Well done Grace, Keep it up!


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