Red Nose Day 2017

Sapphire Class have had lots of fun today dressing in something red for Comic Relief. Prince Edward have raised lots of money this year by selling red noses and having a non-uniform day.

Remember, it’s not too late to donate some money to Comic Relief. Comic Relief funds 1000s of projects worldwide and with your donations they could fund even more.



Poetry Performance

Last week Y3 were working really hard and looking at performance poetry in our Literacy lesson. Performance poetry is a type of poetry that is written to be performed.

Throughout the week we rehearsed our poems ready for our performance. While rehearsing we used a success criteria that we created. We had to use loud clear voices, add some actions and use lots of expression.


On Friday we met with Aquamarine Class in the studio to put on a special poetry performance. We performed our poems and critiqued each others performances using two stars and a wish. Mr Sieczkarek watched our performances and he was very impressed with our actions, volume, props and great teamwork.


Smarties Fractions!

This morning in Sapphire class we have taken a sweet approach to our learning.

In maths we have been continuing to look at fractions. This morning Mr Little set us the challenge of calculating the fraction of each coloured Smartie in a pack.

First, we had to start by counting how many smarties there were in our tube to find our denominator. Then we counted how many there were of each colour to find our numerators. Some of us even managed to simplify our fractions and draw bars to show them!

We all loved finding fractions using Smarties!

PicCollage (21).png

Light Poems

Recently in Sapphire Class we have been looking at poetry. Our poems have all been about light, which was our science topic last half term. This week we have been writing our own acrostic poems. In an acrostic poem the first letter of each line join together to spell out a word or phrase.

Here are a selection of our poems…



Light is shining like a red  sapphire.

Its round like a huge, yellow ball.

Gold, gigantic and glittering sun.

Helps us to see.

The tired sun is sleeping in a cloud bed.


By Lucy Billard

Light and shadow

Lovely light shines on you perfectly

Incredible light is a humongous, giant explosion

Glorious, as glorious as a gemstone

Hidden light shines bright

The sun is as hot as a volcano


Amazing shadows

Naughty reflections make light

Dare to look at the sun


Super sun is horrific

Hiding shadows are afraid

Adorable lovely torches are beautiful

Don`t look at the sun it will make you blind

On top of you is the sun

Wonderful light


By Harrison Musson

Pride of Prince Edward

Congratulations to Sapphire Class’ latest winnner of the Pride of Prince Edward award.


He has only been in our school since September, but he has already established himself as an invaluable member of our school. He is kind, polite and hardworking. He looks after others in his class and makes it his mission to be a friend to everyone. He is a perfect example of what it takes to be a Pride of Prince Edward!

RNLI Assembly

This morning we had a water-safety assembly, delivered by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. The RNLI saves lives around the country through its 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service, seasonal lifeguards and water-safetey initiatives.

We really enjoyed our assembly from the RNLI and we now know how to stay safe around water and what to do if we get into trouble around water.


Special Mentions

Congratulations to these members of Sapphire Class who received mentions in this weeks assembly.

Excellent Effort – Bronze – Leon Simpkins

This week in our maths lessons we have been beginning to look at fractions. Leon found this a little tricky at first, but he didn’t give up and worked really hard to overcome this problem and develop his understanding of fractions. Well done Leon, keep it up and soon you will be fantastic with fractions.

Excellent Effort – Bronze – Amarni Pyke

Amarni has been working incredibly hard in her literacy lessons this week, and has written a wonderful poem all about light. Amarni worked really hard to include similes, rhyme and even a metaphor in her poem! Well done Amarni, make sure you keep up this Excellent Effort!

Leading in Learning – Silver – Grace Granger-Searle

Grace is the kind of child that every teacher loves to have in their class. Grace is kind, polite and hard working. She always puts 100% into all her learning and always completes work to the highest standard she can. Grace regularly competes extra work at home that’s inspired by her learning at school. Well done Grace, Keep it up!

100% Attendance

Congratulations to all these children who gained 100% attendance for last half term!

Hannah Adenuga

Maria Amoabeng

Nevaeh Brown

Abdullah Fetyan

Fatima Falomi

Omar Mabger

Lewis Shaw

Mikolaj Tyksinski

Lily-May Wagland

Declan Walker