Many years ago ancient Greece there was a ferocious, furious and terrifying monster called the Minefor. Did you know there also an amazing heroin called Emma? She had amazing super powers that she could use for ever. She also had lots of powers you will find out about later.

Emma was angry, angry because the king sends 20 boys and 20 girls to feed the evil Minefor. So she went to King Luke and Emma asked him “why do we need to send 20 boys and 20 girls to the smelly Parthenon dungeon. The king said in a pep talk with his hand on her shoulder… “They go to King Minos and then go and feed the monster. The closer you go to the monster, the more you will scream and run away. They are the Minfor’s food because if we don’t they will wage war on us. Emma went to travel and King Luke grumbled “if you win then you must turn your sails to blue, if you don’t then I know you will have failed”.

Suddenly, Emma arrived in Athens mumbled to the king “I will go in first and battle the Minefor”. Quickly, Emma teleported in a flash but the king’s son was in love with Emma so he ran in the amazing, enormous and spooky Parthenon dungeon after her. Before she went deep into the dungeon Ben the king’s son gave Emma a ball of string.

Nervous, Emma walked in the Labyrinth holding her hands out. Suddenly, she screamed. She saw it, she was scared, scared because she saw the monsters sharp white teeth. As quick as a flash she grabbed his horns and twisted it until they fell off. Then got her super strength and punched his head and he died.

Unfortunately, before she was home she forgot to turn her sails to blue and king Luke jumped off the cliff into the sea, so now the sea is called the cool Luke sea.

By Sirrah Newton


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