Greek Pots

This afternoon we started to make our pots that will be in the style of a Greek vase.

First we looked at a range of Greek vases to inspire our own creations.


Then we had to make our pots. First, we had to create a thumb pot.

After that, we had to add coils to our pot. We made the coils by rolling some clay into a sausage shape then joining it to make a ring. We attached our coil to our pot by first scoring the clay and then covering it with slip made from clay and water.

Mr Sieczkarek even paid us a visit and he was really impressed with our pot making skills.

We had lots of fun making our pots and once they have dried we will be able to paint them to look like real Greek vases. Keep checking back to see our finished pots.


2 thoughts on “Greek Pots

  1. This is a really exciting project and I can’t wait to see how the Y3 pots develop. I can already see the different shapes and sizes of pots you are creating and how much you are concentrating and taking care.

    I shall look forward to an update Y3!

    Miss French

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