This week as part of our Safety Week Mr Little and Mr Sieczkarek conducted an experiment with all classes in Year 3 and Year 4 to see just how safe we really were while using the internet.

For the experiment we were told that we would be playing an online game on the iPad. The game we played was Yahtzee. We had to roll five dice to try and get the highest score possible. After a while we noticed that this game had a chat feature and that we had received a message from someone called Max2009Smith. We chatted to Max and he seemed really nice, he told us his name, age, school and that he was off school because he was poorly. He asked for our personal information and we told him our full name, age, street name and school. Unfortunately, we weren’t really playing against Max Smith, we were really playing against Mr Sieczkarek. We didn’t realize that people aren’t always who they say they are on the internet and that giving away our personal information could have put us in lots of danger.

Here are some of our reflections:

How did you feel when you found out you were playing against Mr Sieczkarek?

  • I felt scared because I thought he was a 7 year old boy but it was actually a man. I was safe because it was Mr Sieczkarek but if it wasn’t I would have been in danger.
    • Daniel
  • I was panicking because we told all of our personal information to him and we didn’t really know who we were talking to.
    • Grace
  • I was in shock because we didn’t know who we were actually talking to and if we did this at home we would be in serious danger.
    • Shaiarna
  • I was surprised, when I play games and chat at home I will make sure I block and tell an adult if I am asked for personal information.
    • Harrison

We also created our own rules for staying safe online.

Sapphire Class rules for using the internet.

  1. NEVER give any personal information, like where you live or the name of your school, when talking to people on the internet.
  2. NEVER use your full name on the internet. Always use a nickname.
  3. NEVER arrange to meet up with someone you have never met before.
  4. ALWAYS tell a trusted adult if you think that something is wrong and block anybody who asks for your personal information.
  5. REMEMBER to have fun but stay safe when using the internet.

Grace even went home and created this beautiful poster that is now on display in Sapphire Classroom to help us stay safe whilst using the internet.


Although we are more wise to the dangers of talking online after completing our e-safety learning it is really important that parents remain vigilant while their children are talking online.


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