Rules For Commenting On Our Blog

  1. Only use your first name – no surnames. This includes parents as well.
  2. Keep safe – don’t reveal any personal information.
  3. Be careful what you blog – blogs are a public space. Be proud of anything that you write or post. Do not post anything about that you wouldn’t like to see worldwide.
  4. Sign your name – end your comment with your name. Nameless comments will be deleted.
  5. Write in good English – including grammar and punctuation. Always write in full sentences. No text-talk please. Proof read your comments carefully.
  6. Be polite – don’t post anything that could hurt anyone. Do not post information or pictures of others without their permission.
  7. Always show respect – be positive if you are going to comment on a post.
  8. Be constructive with your comments. How could someone improve their work? Give them 2 stars and a wish.

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