Greek Pots Update

Today we continued to create our pots in the style of a Greek vase.

First, we had to paint our pots orange like the Ancient Greeks did.

Then, we had to sketch our designs, some of us chose to tell the story the myths we created and some of us decided to tell the story of a Greek myth on our vases.

We now need to leave the paint to dry and tomorrow we will be able to paint our designs onto our pots.



Musicianeus and the Medubird

Many years ago in ancient Greece in the giant, colossal Parthenon a fierce, big and mystical creature was born and you guessed it, he was born in the dungeon. Its name is the terifying, evil and beastly Medubird. The Medubird roams through the dungeon waiting for some food to eat. Its owner is called Maramarth well his real name is king Maramarth. King Maramarth was evil, evil because he sent 7 Crete boys and 7 Crete girls to feed his fierce monster well not to feed him he gets to eat the children so that’s why he was evil. The more children he eats the stronger he becomes. Someone had to stop this because there is no way young children should get eaten by a monster so they can lose their lives just so a monster can get food.

There was one boy from Crete whose name was Musicianeus he absolutely loves music like a person in a famous band. One day Musicianeus heard about the children getting fed to the ferocious monster. Straight away he paused so then he thought what would their parents feel like when they leave to the Parthenon or how will the children or… Musicianeus sighed “i guess I’ll have to deal with it myself”. He told his dad the king of Crete “I’ve got to stop this so when the next children to go I will be one of them. I will ask to go in the dungeon first so I can kill him and the other children won’t have to be eaten”.

Musicianeus made his way into king Taramartas castle to ask him for some great advice. The king was sitting on his giant colossal and huge throne. Musicianeus asked his father “can I go to the Parthenon to defeat he monster” pleaded Musicianeus. “Well my boy” he replied “you can go as food but if you return change your submarine horn to yellow. Before you go you will have to go to the VOLCANO OF ARAINO for some supplies”.

Musicianeus made his way into the VOLCANO OF ARAINO to get some supplies big ones as big as Mount Everest. He got all his supplies there he mainly got everything from the shop.

He went on his submarine to the palace and when he saw the king he said can I go to the dungeon fist please the king said yes of course but before he went in Princess Maraspira gave him a ball of string to make the monster dizzy. Mysicianeus made his way into the dungeon and he saw the monster with its terrifying, steel wings so he started messing about with the string so soon enough he got dizzy. As quick as a flash Musicianeus  got his sharp and  mighty sword and stabbed the beast right down the middle of his huge body.  Quickly Musicianeus ran out of the dungeon and then out of the Parthenon. Before he could leave princess Maraspira begged “can I please come with you please back to Crete” Musicianeus said “yes” so they both sailed to Crete happily together.

On the way Musicianeus said “we’re dropping off on that island for some water off you go” but suddenly Musicianus zoomed off faster than Usain Bolt but his father was on a cliff watching over the sea. When he saw the submarine horn was black he jumped off the cliff and he died. Musicianeus was so upset but that meant he became the new king of Crete.

By Jacob Butler


Many years ago ancient Greece there was a ferocious, furious and terrifying monster called the Minefor. Did you know there also an amazing heroin called Emma? She had amazing super powers that she could use for ever. She also had lots of powers you will find out about later.

Emma was angry, angry because the king sends 20 boys and 20 girls to feed the evil Minefor. So she went to King Luke and Emma asked him “why do we need to send 20 boys and 20 girls to the smelly Parthenon dungeon. The king said in a pep talk with his hand on her shoulder… “They go to King Minos and then go and feed the monster. The closer you go to the monster, the more you will scream and run away. They are the Minfor’s food because if we don’t they will wage war on us. Emma went to travel and King Luke grumbled “if you win then you must turn your sails to blue, if you don’t then I know you will have failed”.

Suddenly, Emma arrived in Athens mumbled to the king “I will go in first and battle the Minefor”. Quickly, Emma teleported in a flash but the king’s son was in love with Emma so he ran in the amazing, enormous and spooky Parthenon dungeon after her. Before she went deep into the dungeon Ben the king’s son gave Emma a ball of string.

Nervous, Emma walked in the Labyrinth holding her hands out. Suddenly, she screamed. She saw it, she was scared, scared because she saw the monsters sharp white teeth. As quick as a flash she grabbed his horns and twisted it until they fell off. Then got her super strength and punched his head and he died.

Unfortunately, before she was home she forgot to turn her sails to blue and king Luke jumped off the cliff into the sea, so now the sea is called the cool Luke sea.

By Sirrah Newton

Greek Pots

This afternoon we started to make our pots that will be in the style of a Greek vase.

First we looked at a range of Greek vases to inspire our own creations.


Then we had to make our pots. First, we had to create a thumb pot.

After that, we had to add coils to our pot. We made the coils by rolling some clay into a sausage shape then joining it to make a ring. We attached our coil to our pot by first scoring the clay and then covering it with slip made from clay and water.

Mr Sieczkarek even paid us a visit and he was really impressed with our pot making skills.

We had lots of fun making our pots and once they have dried we will be able to paint them to look like real Greek vases. Keep checking back to see our finished pots.


This week in Maths we have been learning all about time. Today we were investigating how long a minute actually is by seeing how many of something we can do in 1 minute. First we had to see how many star jumps we could do. Then how many times we could count to 10. Then how many times we could write our name and finally, how many times we could sing Happy Birthday.

We had lots of fun and we now understand how long a minute really is.


This week as part of our Safety Week Mr Little and Mr Sieczkarek conducted an experiment with all classes in Year 3 and Year 4 to see just how safe we really were while using the internet.

For the experiment we were told that we would be playing an online game on the iPad. The game we played was Yahtzee. We had to roll five dice to try and get the highest score possible. After a while we noticed that this game had a chat feature and that we had received a message from someone called Max2009Smith. We chatted to Max and he seemed really nice, he told us his name, age, school and that he was off school because he was poorly. He asked for our personal information and we told him our full name, age, street name and school. Unfortunately, we weren’t really playing against Max Smith, we were really playing against Mr Sieczkarek. We didn’t realize that people aren’t always who they say they are on the internet and that giving away our personal information could have put us in lots of danger.

Here are some of our reflections:

How did you feel when you found out you were playing against Mr Sieczkarek?

  • I felt scared because I thought he was a 7 year old boy but it was actually a man. I was safe because it was Mr Sieczkarek but if it wasn’t I would have been in danger.
    • Daniel
  • I was panicking because we told all of our personal information to him and we didn’t really know who we were talking to.
    • Grace
  • I was in shock because we didn’t know who we were actually talking to and if we did this at home we would be in serious danger.
    • Shaiarna
  • I was surprised, when I play games and chat at home I will make sure I block and tell an adult if I am asked for personal information.
    • Harrison

We also created our own rules for staying safe online.

Sapphire Class rules for using the internet.

  1. NEVER give any personal information, like where you live or the name of your school, when talking to people on the internet.
  2. NEVER use your full name on the internet. Always use a nickname.
  3. NEVER arrange to meet up with someone you have never met before.
  4. ALWAYS tell a trusted adult if you think that something is wrong and block anybody who asks for your personal information.
  5. REMEMBER to have fun but stay safe when using the internet.

Grace even went home and created this beautiful poster that is now on display in Sapphire Classroom to help us stay safe whilst using the internet.


Although we are more wise to the dangers of talking online after completing our e-safety learning it is really important that parents remain vigilant while their children are talking online.

Rules For Commenting On Our Blog

  1. Only use your first name – no surnames. This includes parents as well.
  2. Keep safe – don’t reveal any personal information.
  3. Be careful what you blog – blogs are a public space. Be proud of anything that you write or post. Do not post anything about that you wouldn’t like to see worldwide.
  4. Sign your name – end your comment with your name. Nameless comments will be deleted.
  5. Write in good English – including grammar and punctuation. Always write in full sentences. No text-talk please. Proof read your comments carefully.
  6. Be polite – don’t post anything that could hurt anyone. Do not post information or pictures of others without their permission.
  7. Always show respect – be positive if you are going to comment on a post.
  8. Be constructive with your comments. How could someone improve their work? Give them 2 stars and a wish.

Road Safety Week 3

This morning we had our third and final road safety session. Today we were learning how to cross at a junction and busy roads.

It’s really important to practice the skills we have learnt whenever we are crossing roads. Through our road safety sessions we have learnt choosing a safer place to cross, how to cross the road if there isn’t a safe place to cross and how to cross at a junction and busy roads. We have really enjoyed our road safety sessions and our certificates will be arriving soon.