Road Safety Week 2

This morning Sapphire Class had our second road safety lesson. Today we had to be extra careful whilst crossing the roads because the fog made it difficult for us to see. This week we were learning how to cross safely between two parked cars.

It’s really important that we continue to practice the skills we have learnt whenever we are crossing roads. We cannot wait for our next road safety session next week, where we will be learning more ways to cross the road safely.


Making a Monster

Thousands of years ago, in the chaotic city of Athens a terrifying, ferocious and bloodthirsty creature was born…

This week we have been designing our own mythological monsters. Our monsters were inspired by creatures from myths we have read.


After we designed our monster we had to describe them, some of our descriptions were fantastic and we helped the reader picture our terrifying monsters by using some amazing language.

Next week we will include these monsters in our own stories that we will write in the style of a Greek myth. We can’t wait to share our writing with you.

Special Mentions

Congratulations to our mentions winners this week.

Terriffic Thinking – Bronze – Daniel Vacar

This week in our maths lessons we have been looking at adding measurements together using the column method. Daniel found this a little tricky at first, but he didn’t give up and worked really hard to overcome this problem and become confident using this method. Well done Daniel you are the column method master!

Excellent Effort – Bronze – Sirrah Newton

Sirrah has been working incredibly hard in her literacy lessons this week, and has written a wonderful description of the mythological monster she created. Sirrah worked really hard to spell words correctly and used a range of powerful adjectives in her writing to help the reader picture her terrifying Monster.

Charming Citizenship – Silver – Mikolaj Tyksinski

Yesterday Mrs Carnall told Mr Little how impressed she was with Mikolaj’s attitude on the MUGA pitch at break time. Mikolaj had a little problem with another child, but rather than letting this spoil the game of football, Mikolaj solved his problem with a hand shake! Keep it up Mikolaj, we all love your mature attitude.

Weston Park Museum

Today Sapphire class went on a trip to Weston Park Museum as part of our learning about Ancient Greece.

In the morning we completed an Ancient Greek trail around the museum. We started our trail outside the museum where we learnt that the building was originally a house called Weston House and it’s design is influenced by Ancient Greek architecture. We all could identify the columns, pediments and frieze on the museum.

Then we headed inside the museum. We learnt lots of interesting facts about Ancient Greece and then had the chance to explore the museum. We even found some toys that children our age would have played with in Ancient Greece. We thought these toys looked interesting but we won’t be giving up our toys for one of these any time soon!

In the afternoon we learnt all out Ancient Greek gods, we learnt that the Greeks believed Zeus made Athena the Godess of Athens as a present for her birthday. However Athena had to compete with Poseidon to be the God/Godess of Athens.


Athena won the competition and the people of Athens worshiped her. They even built her a temple called the Parthenon. Our task for the afternoon was to build our own model of the Parthenon. We had to dress as Greek builders and work as a team to construct the model. It was quite tricky and even Mr Little had to join in and give us a hand!

We loved our visit to Weston Park Museum and give it a huge thumbs up!


Road Safety Week 1

This morning Sapphire Class had our first road safety lesson. Today we learnt how to find a safe place to cross the road, check that it is safe to cross, and finally cross the road safely in a straight line.

It’s really important to practice the skills we have learnt whenever we are crossing roads. We cannot wait for our next road safety session next week, where we will be learning how to cross the road even if there isn’t a safe place to cross.

Greek Theatre

Today in Sapphire Class we started learning about Greek theatre. We learnt that Greek theatres were called amphitheaters and that there were two types of plays in Greece, comedies and tragedies. We also had a go at acting out our own Greek play.


Later this week we will be writing our own Greek play based on our favourite myth, Theseus and the Minotaur and also designing costumes for a Greek play.