Stone Age Visit to Manor Lodge

Today we visited Sheffield Manor Lodge and we had an amazing time. In our class this term we have been learning all about the Stone Age and this visit helped us to learn even more!

First, we had the chance to do some environmental archaeology, this means that we had to sieve some soil to separate anything interesting from the regular soil. Then we had to separate the pieces into things that are the same We found barley, corn, millet, sunflower seeds, wheat and even some shells. It was fun but also difficult as some of the pieces were tiny.


Then we went out side to the archeology pit and did some digging for artefacts. We used a trowel to excavate the artefacts and a brush to clean them, we had to be really careful not to break anything as some things were really old.


After that, we had the chance to explore the grounds of Manor Lodge, it was exciting and we learnt that Mary Queen of Scots was once held prisoner there.


Then we had the chance to build a Stone Age shelter big enough to us fit in! We learnt that people in he Stone Age had to make houses that were easy to put up and take down because they were always moving to escape the harsh weather conditions.


Finaly we headed back inside the lodge for some Stone Age painting. We had to make our own paint out of Ochre, make our own brushes from sticks and feathers and then we had to paint a picture using only a candle for light! It made us realise how difficult it must have been for people in Stone Age to create incredible cave pictures with very little light!



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