Cave Paintings

Today we had a go at making our own Stone Age cave paintings like the ones found in Lascaux Caves in France. We closed the blinds, turned the lights off and tried to imagine we were really painting inside a deep, dark cave.



3 thoughts on “Cave Paintings

    • Hello Pearl Class.
      It was so much fun pretending to paint in a deep, dark Cave. It was a little bit difficult painting with sticks because the paint was always falling off the sticks.

      Have you done any art in your class?

      Love from
      Sapphire Class xx


  1. Hello Sapphire class.
    We have been looking at the artist Henry Moore and a couple of weeks ago, we went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see some of his sculptures up close. Next week, we are starting to work with Soo and Charlie to make a bug sculpture. Watch out for our upcoming posts!
    Love Pearl class xx


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