Storytelling through drama

We worked in groups to retell part of The Wizard Of Oz.

We worked outside and used our new stage area to perform. Mrs Murch filmed our performances. When we’d watched each other we peer-assessed another group’s work.



Fun run!

On Wednesday 27th April we headed off to Manor Fields for a fun run.

Before we set off Kim led a warm up for all of us.

The run was about 2km long. Lots of us found it tricky to run all the way, but some of us have a natural talent for running.  Here are some pictures of us near the finish line.



Investigating soil

A few weeks ago we set up an investigation with Miss Beckingham.  We were looking at and making observations of soil.

Today we looked closely at our soil again. It was amazing to see how it had settled and the layers created. We wrote descriptions about what we could see.


Jolly hockey sticks!

We have been practising our throwing and catching skills with the coach, Josh. Our precision when throwing is improving, but we need to keep on practising our catching.

Lots of new PE equipment has arrived in school.  Today we have used the hockey sticks and balls.

We had to control a tennis ball with the hockey stick. We dribbled it around the MUGA pitch taking care not to bump into each other.

We worked in teams to practise passing a hockey ball and stopping a hockey ball. It was lovely to improve our sports skills in the sunshine.

Science, revolution & music

We had a fantastic time at the City Hall on Friday. The Halle orchestra were brilliant; a joy to listen to. Mrs Murch had goose bumps more then once.


We learnt about the different instruments in the orchestra. Can you spot any in the photos?

It was amazing to hear the children singing ‘This little light of mine’ with the orchestra. I don’t think many people can say they’ve sung live with a full orchestra. We can!

It was a great and thank you to everyone who made it such an enjoyable day.

Causal conjunctions

Do you know what a causal conjunction is and how to use them?  We found it quite tricky to begin with. Today we have experimented using different causal conjunctions in different sentences.

We had to find the correct parts of the sentence and then choose a causal conjunction to join them.

We were really good at working in teams; taking it in turns and  listening to each other.