On Wednesday, we were involved in an event called Go Run For Fun and it was held at Manor Fields where 857 young runners from local schools completed a tough 1 mile course. We were all given a fabulous pink t-shirt and tried our best to complete the course as fast as we could.

We were inspired at the start line by he European Athletics 100m Hurdles Champion Alicia Barrett who will be competing at the London Anniversary Games this weekend!


We were determined, resistant and motivated during our run, but most importantly we had FUN!


Fiver Challenge

This half term, Sapphire class have been taking part in the Fiver Challenge.

In our class we had 6 groups who were given £5 each with the aim of making a profit. Our groups decided to pool their money together and wanted to put on a funfair event for the children and parents at our school.

Each group decided on a funfair style game to run and were responsible for making their game a success. The children had to create a business identity, carry out market research, create a sales pitch and advertise their event.

On Thursday, we held our event and we are pleased to announce that it was a huge success.


On Friday, we counted our money and paid our £5 loans plus 50p interest back. We then discovered that we had made a whopping…

£101 profit!

Mr Little was so proud of all our hard work.

We’re now deciding how to spend our hard earned profit. If you have any ideas we would love to hear from you in the comments below.



Sports Day 2018

Last week, Sapphire class competed in the KS2 sports day. We had a fantastic morning competing in a series of sporting challenges cheered on by our adults.

Here are a few of our favourite pictures…

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EIS Sports Day

On Thursday Y3 enjoyed a tremendous sports day at the English Institute of Sport.

During the event we took part in a range of activities. We all tried our hardest and Mr Little is proud of the effort shown by every one of us.


Some of us even received a special mention from our group leaders. These children perfectly demonstrated the school games values of teamwork, respect, honesty, self belief, passion and determination.


World Book Day 2018

In Sapphire Class, we didn’t let the snow and ice stop us from celebrating world book day. Today we could come to school dressed as our favourite book character.

During the morning, we also enjoyed a fun and engaging story telling workshop with Andy Messer.

As part art of celebrations in school we also had a door decorating competition. Each class decorated their door in the style of a book. We chose ‘Where’s Wally’ by Martin Handford.


We can’t wait to use our vouchers to get a new book.