Volcanos and Earthquakes

To kick off our Natural Disasters topic we had a visit from One Day Creative. They provided us with an inspiring drama workshop where we learnt lots of interesting facts about volcanos and earthquakes including how they are formed and the destruction they cause.


Fiver Challenge

This half term, children in KS2 have been taking part in something called the Fiver Challenge. In this challenge groups are given £5 to start a business with the aim of making the most profit they can.

In Sapphire class, the children decided they wanted to compete in two teams. The teams had to design a product, create a brand, complete market research, advertise their product and finally sell their product at our enterprise marketplace to make a profit.

The boys created their brand ‘sapphire chews’. They baked dog and cat treats from a secret recipe and sold them for £1 a bag or 2 bags for £1.50. Making a profit of £29.50.

The girls created their brand ‘Candle Queens’. They created decorative candle holders from recycled glass jars and sold them for £1.50 each. Making a profit of £31.50.

As a class we have decided to use our profit to pay for a small class treat and donate the remaining money to The Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.

The Iron Man

This half term Sapphire Class are reading the Iron Man in our Literacy lessons. We started by looking at the first two pages at the book and highlighting features and language that we thought were effective at building atmosphere. We noticed that the author uses short sentences and pauses as well as lots of poetic devices such as similes, personification and onomatopoeia.


Check back in the coming weeks to see how we are getting on with our Iron Man learning.